Hallmark European craftsmanship defines the Hulsta philosophy. The appearance, feel, and quality of our modern furniture transcends the typical and embraces truly inventive design. Our unique closets emphasize functionality and presentation equally, and are easily customized down to the last detail.

Our interior architects carefully consider the diversity of of our customer’s needs. Throughout Hulsta's collections, you will find a myriad of design options that allow you create the perfect piece of furniture for the bedroom or living area. Classy open shelving boxes display your treasured items while sleek cabinet doors maintain your privacy.

Hulsta furniture is manufactured in our European factories, as this ensures that the final product meets our meticulous standards. We guarantee uncompromising quality within each of our furniture systems, using cutting-edge methods and materials of excellent quality that will stand the test of time.

You can also rest assured your Hulsta closet will be created in harmony with the natural world. Our family-run business follows sustainability principles throughout the manufacturing process, helping pass on a better legacy for the next generation. Hulsta has been given honors through the German Sustainability Award twice since 2012.